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Sylvester Law Office, P.C. (“Sylvester Law Office”) is Arizona’s premier source for experienced, discount legal services in real estate, business transactions, and estate planning.

Sylvester Law Office offers substantially discounted rates for attorney services as well as discounted rates for paralegal and legal support staff services. We are your resource for reliable, affordable and experienced legal representation whenever you need it. We can save you money on all your legal services.

Paying It Forward…

Sylvester Law Office was established in 1982 by attorney Thomas P. Sylvester. Thom now has more than fifty years’ experience practicing law in the State of Arizona:  “My legal practice in Arizona has provided me a financially successful and otherwise rewarding career, and when Sylvester Law Office started the Arizona Discount Legal Services website in 2013, it allowed me to provide discounted, affordable attorney services to my clients as my way of ‘paying it forward.’”

Areas of Practice

Tucson Real Estate Lawyer - Discount Legal Service | Arizona Estate Planning | AZ Family Law AttorneysCommercial and Personal Transactions and Contracts

The business world is heavily dependent upon contracts that can be easily understood. Thomas Sylvester is skilled at drafting and interpreting contracts of all types, both personal and commercial. Contracts written by Sylvester Law Office use clear and concise terms to define and articulate our clients’ goals. Our firm also provides contract negotiation and counseling services and is prepared to zealously advocate for the rights of our clients.

Arizona Estate Planning, Trusts and Wills

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Estate planning does more than help avoid taxes for many clients. Establishing a Revocable Trust, naming the right and willing Personal Representative, Guardian and/or Conservator to ensure matters are handled in accordance with the Client’s wishes, or avoiding a probate proceeding in the Courts altogether can be vitally important and can be accomplished in estate planning.

Sylvester Law Office has extensive experience in the preparation of Living Trusts, Wills, Healthcare and Financial Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills and Directives.
A Living Trust, or Revocable Trust, is an estate-planning arrangement under which a Trustee takes title to the assets of the original owner. The terms of the document designate who will take over as Trustee when the initial Trustee is no longer willing and/or able to act. A Will is a written document that directs the disposition of a person’s property after his or her death. A Will nominates one party or more to serve as “Personal Representative” or “Executor” to manage and distribute the estate of the decedent. A Will can also nominate a person to serve as Guardian and/or Conservator for a minor child or incapacitated adult. Powers of Attorney permit the designation of an agent to handle financial and/or healthcare matters for an individiual in the event of that individual’s incapacity.

Tucson AZ Real Estate AttorneyTucson Real Estate Law

Thomas Sylvester has been a licensed real estate broker in Arizona for more than 40 years. He has extensive experience in all facets of real estate transactions. Sylvester Law Office represents parties in real estate transactions of every variety – whether as borrowers, lenders, commercial or residential developers, commercial or residential landlords and tenants and whether buying, financing, leasing, and selling real estate.

Discount Legal Services

Sylvester Law Office provides all the benefits of experienced legal representation at very affordable prices for all the areas of law mentioned above.  Many legal matters can be handled by telephone conference and email, allowing us to provide affordable and experienced representation throughout the State of Arizona.

Contact Sylvester Law Office today to see what we can do for you.  Simply email us through our Contact Page at no charge to you.  Should you choose to engage Sylvester Law Office to represent you, fees and rates for the representation will be agreed upon in advance.

Attorney Referral Services

Sylvester Law Office offers referrals to other experienced attorneys when we are unable to provide the legal services you require. Referrals are made at NO COST to you. Sylvester Law Office will work with the referral attorney throughout your matter – again, at NO COST to you.