How to Get Started

Initial Phone Consultation: No Charge
EMAIL: Thomas P. Sylvester at tsylvester(at)
CALL: (520) 975-7450
FAX: (520) 760-5001

How To Get Started – The Process:

  1. Complete the Contact Page to determine the type of legal services you need and to obtain a fee estimate.
  2. Complete the Client Intake Form that will be provided to you and fax or email it to Sylvester Law Office. We will perform a conflicts check using the information you provide in your Client Intake Form.
  3. Review the Disclaimer and Policies of Sylvester Law Office, P.C. found on the Contact Page, and by proceeding, agree thereto.
  4. If a conflict of interest check does not reveal a conflict from the information you provide, you will receive an email from Mr. Sylvester agreeing to provide you specific services on certain terms.
  5. Agreed payment can be by check, or click on this link to make payment of the agreed fee by credit or debit card: LawPay Fee Services.
  6. Upon receipt of payment of the agreed fee, Mr. Sylvester will perform the legal services contracted for. An in-person meeting may or may not be necessary. Documents and information necessary to the representation can be provided, reviewed, drafted, modified and explained by telephone, email, scan and/or fax.